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Rackets can be dropped through the slot 24/7/365. Please ensure your name and mobile number is attached to the racket, most people pop it on a slip of paper and attach it around the grip with a rubber band.

  1. How will I know when my racket is ready to collect?
A. All rackets are ready to collect from / after 5pm on Sundays. We are open for racket collections 7 days from 9.30 am until 7pm.

  1. Should I bother having a restring, why not just buy a new racket?
A. Put simply, a good string / restring does make a real difference to your game.There are some great deals around on rackets, and it's easy to find a new racket with a genuine 50% reduction if you look on the internet and large sports retailers. Manufacturers regularly sell off rackets to retailers at reduced prices, say, when a new model comes out, often retailers pass on these discounts to their customers. Quite a few of our customers use Amazon and Sports Direct. Check the manufacturers recommended string tension (on the side of the racket) before buying, if, you are wanting a higher tension. I say this as some alloy / aluminium rackets' have a low maximum tension, which is too low for some players.

That's a great start, the next thing is the strings. Rackets in this country come pre strung with (usually) a basic string strung at mid range tension, which doesn't do the racket - or your game justice... it's like having an F1 car with a lawnmower engine in it.. the exterior, tyres, everything else are great but the car won't perform at its best no matter how good the driver.

Quite a few customers bring us their newly bought rackets because a string has snapped after only a couple of games, often, the strings have started to perish whilst the racket has been waiting to be sold. (Not bought from us we hasten to add, we don't sell rackets).

  1. I want really thin string on my badminton racket do you stock it?
A. Yes we do, but please be advised, the thinner the string the less durable! Very thin string combined with high tension is a recipe for strings breaking during the first game, professional players are prepared for this with a dozen or so rackets on stand by..!

  1. Payment - How can I pay?
A. We only accept cash at the moment, we have plenty of change.

  1. Will you offer a guarantee with my restring?
A. Yes, of course. We'll give you the guarantee with your receipt when you collect your racket.

  1. What type of stringing machine do you use?
A. We only use an electronic stringing machine, as it gives a consistent, accurate string tension.


  1. Why are your prices low? Should I be worried that the service is inferior?
A. Good question! There's no need to worry, we have been stringing rackets for over 24 years. We started the stringing service in our specialist sports shop, specialising in squash, tennis, badminton rackets and running shoes.

We choose not to make any profit on the string and accessories, that way it keeps things as simple as possible. Yes, we could have an online shop, sell rackets, shoes etc etc. but we are just a racket stringing business and charge you what the string costs us, which is trade price. Customers are always welcome to supply their own string, we don't mind at all.

  1. Can I bring my racket to you, how do I go about it?
A. Yes, pop it along. There's a big Preston Racket Stringing sign outside sticking up through the hedge, you can't miss it! We have made it very easy for you, by having a quick drop off slot and unit - (It's a bit like the one Blockbuster stores used to have). Full details are on the "Quick Drop" page on this website. There's easy parking right outside, or on our driveway if you prefer, it's a quiet hassle free road too.


  1. Do you sell any sports related goods?
A. No.

  1. Do you regrip the handles?
A. Yes we charge £2 for the fitting of the grip, the cost of the grip depends on which one you choose, or, of course we will fit a grip provided by the customer. Please note, we only regrip when a racket has been brought in for a repair or restring, not as a service on it's own!

  1. Do you do single string repairs?

A. Yes. There is a set up cost of £4 and each string is 50p. If there are more than 7 need repairing, a restring would be better for you - it's up to you though. (To see if you can get away with a repair, look at your strings where they touch / cross each other. If they are "notched / worn / have a groove in them" then they probably need replacing.)

Any other questions? Just give us a call on 01772 654727 text or WattsApp on 07854 081 282. Calls and texts are welcomed weekdays 9.30am and 7pm. We will respond to texts etc. within 10 minutes. Our land line number doesn't accept text messages though!

Thanks, Rachel

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